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Moroccan Falus Coin Pendant

Moroccan Falus Coin Pendant


Moroccan falus cast bronze coin in sterling silver pendant mounting. The seal of Solomon decorates the obverse, and the issuing mint and date appear on the reverse. The date is AH 1287, or 1870 AD.

Minted during the Golden Age of Islam by Mohammed IV (1802-1873), the Sultan of Morocco, this coin depicts the seal of Solomon as a six-pointed star with a circle in the center.On the other side, there is Islamic text over a date  from the Islamic lunar Calendar,which is around 621 years behind the Christian calendar dates. Morocco, like much of North Africa, had a large Jewish population from ancient times which was prominent in Meiterranean trade. Expulsions from Spain and Italy in the 1400's and 1500's further boosted this population which had a greater familiarity with European languages and numbers.

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