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**SOLD** Indo-Scythian Drachm - Azes II Coin Earrings

**SOLD** Indo-Scythian Drachm - Azes II Coin Earrings



Indo-Scythian( Saks) Silver Drachm Coin Earrings Circa 15 - 12 B.C.E. Obverse: King holding a whip; mounted on horse walking right. Monogram is written to right and under horse. Written is a corrupt Greek legend. Reverse: Pallas standing right with shield and long spear. Written is a Kharosthi legend. Ruler: Azes II; Country: Bactria. Framed in 14Kt yellow gold with .08tw Diamonds. Certificate of Authenticity

                Azes II was King of Bactria, which is present day Afghanistan, from 35 B.C. to A.D. 5.  He was so revered that he was referred to as the “Great King”, and his coinage included his image and name 25 years after his death.  Azes was a descent of Alexander the Great.  His coins bore an image of him mounted on a horse, probably resulting from his being an explorer, traveler, and warrior (some of his coinage depicts him in armor).  They also included an Indian Script on the reverse, making them one of the earliest bi-lingual coins ever minted.  Much of Azes’ coinage was minted prior to the birth of Jesus Christ, and some most likely during the year (if not the very day) of Christ’s birth.  All of this coinage was in circulation during the Biblical Period of Christ’s life. The Magi that visited the Christ Child in Bethlehem were most likely Zoroastrian Astrologers / astronomers.  This accounts for their seeking out the miracle of the Star of Bethlehem.  It is widely believed that Azes II was one of these “Three Wise Men”.



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