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Gold Coin Pendant

Over the last few years, coin jewelry has evolved from a trendy niche to a staple in modern collections. Wearing a single gold coin pendant as necklace is great way to add a vintage feel to your outfit. You can also create a contemporary statement by layering them together and with other necklaces. Coins we’re once something to be coveted – not carelessly left on counters and deposited parking meters. They represent status, wealth and refined taste. Celebrate these qualities and your personal connection to the past with a gold coin pendant from The Cedar Chest.

You don’t need a map or scuba gear to find treasure. Many of the pieces in our Spanish gold coin jewelry collection feature the same coins you would find in a wooden chest from a pirate’s shipwreck. We also carry ancient artifacts from early cultures like Byzantine, Greece, Rome and Judea in our inventory of gold coin pendant necklaces and other coin jewelry. These already spectacular one-of-a-kind items are further enhanced with silver and gold. Many of our custom and designer bezels also feature diamonds, rubies and other gems.

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