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East Indian Ten Cash - HMS Admiral Gardner Shipwreck

East Indian Ten Cash - HMS Admiral Gardner Shipwreck


East Indian Ten Cash Copper Coin Pendant Dated 1808 from the HMS Admiral Gardner shipwreck. Obverse: Two lions with shield in between. Date 1808 below. Reverse: Persian inscription of coin's value in the language of Mughal, India -"X or 10 Cash". Ruler: George the III; Mint: London; Country: England. Framed in 14Kt Rose Gold. Certificate of Authenticity

During the 18th and 19th centuries, for trading purposes the famous English East India Company sent a fleet of well equipped flagships to India and China once a year. 1809 was the unlucky year for the Admiral Gardner and her sister-ship Britannia. The 145-foot, 813 ton vessel Admiral Gardner was outbound with a valuable cargo of approximately 50 tons of specially minted copper coinage, destined for the East Indian Company’s Mint at Madras. As the Admiral Gardner left the safety of the River Thames and proceeded beyond the Straits of Dover, a very sudden storm developed in the English Channel the dark night of January 25th and subsequently swept her on to the deadly “Goodwin Sands” sandbar.  Some seamen were rescued as the ship bore the thunderous waves, but ten lives were lost as well as all the cargo.

The coins remained preserved packed in wax inside their wooden barrel tombs for nearly 175 years in the Channel’s mysterious, dark waters. In 1984 shifting currents revealed the dinosaur-like skeleton of the Admiral Gardner and salvaging efforts began. Violent currents limited recovery to two hours each day at low tide and only in good weather. In June 1985, divers recovered only a small portion of these small barrels full of copper “Cash” coins. Shortly thereafter the British government, under the Protection of Wrecks Act 1973, designated the site of the doomed Admiral Gardner and its treasure as protected and all diving permanently suspended. Once again, the Channel currents ravage the Admiral Gardner as she keeps vigil with her remaining treasures. What more treasures lie beneath – we may never know.

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