Page 7 - Cedar Chest 2020 Catalog
P. 7

Delight in Diamond Encrusted
                       Sea Creatures and Playful
                                Dolphins in Waves


                                               E.                   B.

                                     G.              D.

        A.  14Kt Wave Pendant           H.
              with Diamonds                               I.
        B.  14Kt Compass Rose Ring

        C.  14Kt Two Tone Fish Hook
             Earrings with Diamonds                          J.

        D.  Matching Pendant
        E.  14Kt Dolphin and Wave Pendant  with Diamonds
        F.  Matching Earrings                             K.
        G.  14Kt Two Tone Turtle Pendant with Diamonds
        H.  Matching Earrings
        I.  14Kt Moveable Jellyfish Pendant with Diamonds

        J.  14Kt Moveable Crab Pendant with Diamonds
        K.  14Kt Two Tone Dolphin in Hoop Pendant
             with Diamonds and Emerald


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