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Our Ocean is a World of Natural Wonders...

                             Glowing with every Sunrise, beckoning with every Breeze,
                                     Tempting with every Seashell on the Shore




                                 C.                                  G.
         Dear Friends,
         We hope you enjoy our latest                 A.  Seashell Cuff with Diamonds
         brochure. You will find many new             B.  Starfish Bracelet with Diamonds
         and original designs that capture
         the beauty of our islands. Visit      I.     C.  Starfish Ring with Diamonds
         our website for a more complete              D.  Sand Dollar with Diamonds
         selection. Be sure to see the new
         additions to our popular                     E.  Sand Dollar Earrings with Diamonds
         * Cinema Collection - whimsical              F.  Sand Dollar Ring with Diamonds
         pieces named after famous
         Hollywood movies.           J.               G. * “Fish Wives Club” with Carved Opal,
                                                               Mother of Pearl, Blue Topaz and Ruby
         As we enter our 47th year on
         Sanibel, we want to thank our many    K.     H.  Dolphin and Wave with Diamonds
         customers and friends for helping            I.   Palm Tree with Diamonds
         us become one of the area’s favorite
         shopping destinations.                       J.   Starfish with Diamonds
         Our highest priority is your                 K.  Drusy Shell with Hermit Crab
         complete satisfaction. We look                    and Emeralds
         forward to helping you select a lovely
         piece of jewelry for yourself or for
         that special occasion.
         Warm Wishes from Sanibel,

                                            Pat Zambuto
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